Steps to successfully run MATB-II

If you haven’t requested MATB-II, please fill out the Software Request Form.

Once you download, please note:

1. Is important to properly install MATB-II on your computer system. If you successfully extract the files from the distribution folder, please go over the Readme.txt and install MATB -II from the “Install” folder.

2. Your computer system needs to have a full installation of the .NET Framework 4 prior to the installation of MATB-II. There is a short version of the Framework that people download, but it requires a connection to the World Wide Web. A copy of the Framework 4 is included in the “Tools “subfolder under the distribution directory.

2. It is recommended to use an XML editor to work with the Configuration and Event File. The “Tools “subfolder under under the distribution directory contains tools to edit xml files.

3. There are 80 wavefiles out of 320 files that are part of the “Audio” folder installed by default. To get the whole audio file set, access this link:

4. The default background color of the MATB-II main window is silver. To be able to change the color to either black or silver you need to edit the \MATB\XML\MATB_CONFIG.xml and add the line <DISPLAY_FACE>neg</DISPLAY_FACE > on the “modes” section of the file. To execute MATB-II with the default color, updpate the line to


The MATB-II User’s guide explains how to install and work with the xml files; see Chapter 3 and 4 of the link