MATB Tasks

MATB-II Graphical User Interface (Main Window)

  • System Monitoring (SYSMON)

The system monitoring task is presented in the upper left window of the display. The demands of monitoring gauges and warning lights are simulated here. The subject responds to the absence of the Green light, the presence of the Red light, and monitors the four moving pointer dials for deviation from midpoint.

  • Tracking (TRACK)

The demands of manual control are simulated by the tracking task. This task is located in the upper middle window. Using the Joystick, the subject keeps the target at the center of the window. This task can be automated to simulate the reduced manual demands of autopilot.

  • Communications (COMM)

Subjects are also required to respond to a communication task. This task presents pre-recorded auditory messages to the operator at selected intervals during the simulation. However, not all of the messages are relevant to the operator. The subject’s task is to determine which messages are relevant and to respond by selecting the appropriate radio and frequency on the communications task window.

  • Resource Management (RESMAN)

The demands of fuel management are simulated by the resource management task. The goal is to maintain tanks A and B at 2500 units each. This is done by turning On or Off any of the eight pumps. Pump failures can occur and are shown by a red area on the failed pump.The Resource Management window provides a diagram of the fuel management system. The six large rectangular regions are tanks which hold fuel. The green levels within the tanks represent the amount of fuel in each tank, and these levels increase and decrease as the amount of fuel in a tank changes.