The Multi-Attribute Task Battery (MATB), originally developed by Comstock & Arnegard (1992) was a DOS-based experimental platform that required the simultaneous performance of tasks that are generalizations of piloting tasks: tracking, auditory monitoring, resource management, and response to event onsets. This experimental platform allows testing of multiple task management performance that is relevant to flightdeck performance with non-pilot subjects. In the original MATB , the tracking task could spontaneously become automated, which allowed testing of automation trust and complacency conditions.

On 2011 we released MATB-II. MATB-II reimplements the tasks from the original MATB. In particular, whereas MATB-I required a second computer to support the auditory monitoring task, MATB-II does not.  This version comes with 8 sets of 80 pre-recorded messages for use in this task.

The MATB-II runs on  the Windows platform.  The MATB-II was designed and tested on the Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista and Windows 7) operating system using the .NET Framework 4.0. MATB-II also executes in Windows 8; however, its proper execution on Windows 8 hasn’t been validated.

More than 135 research papers have been published using the MATB-I or a derivative work as an experimental platform; with over 40 of these in the last 7 years alone.

We hope our efforts spur new use of this tool to further investigations of human performance capabilities, and the performance of human operators with automated agents.

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Areas of Application

  •  Aerospace medicine
  •  Automotive Navigation Systems
  •  Biological engineering
  •  Simulator flight performance
  •  Alarm systems design
  •  HMI quantitative model design
  • Workload in air traffic control
  • Psychology
  • Pilot fatigue detection
  • Noctural brain electrical activity and performance
  • Physiological metrics of mental workload
  • Performance battery generation


MATB development was sponsored by NASA’s System-wide Safety Assurance Technologies (SSAT) Project. NASA’s Integrated Intelligent Flight Deck Project sponsored MATB development during the years of 2007-2010.